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Cala-A-Boca Show

May 29, 2019

We're talking teeth, teacher drafts and weird questions to ask your boyfriend. This one is fun, and lots of hidden easter eggs from our past shows scattered through out.


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May 27, 2019

Our new subscription service just launched a few weeks back, and we've been getting some questions. What is it? How does it work? Is it worth it? We answer all those questions for you in this episode, and we also get into some actual content. (We make sure to still give you the goods, don't want to be too...

May 26, 2019


We are kicking off our journey to 200 episodes with a BANGER! We interviewed one of the biggest Portuguese music sensations, Mr. Papai himself, Jorge Ferreira. Jorge came down to Tulare to perform at TDES, and we were fortunate enough to sit down with him for a few minutes and pick his brain about his life, and his...

May 19, 2019

Cala A Boca Show is celebrating their 100th episode, and we could think of no better way to mark this milestone than by having some past guests on to go head to head with some Portuguese Trivia. Who will be the winner?! Looks like you'll have to listen and see.


Thank you to our special guests:
Joey Bertão

May 15, 2019

Listen in as we review our Jorge Ferreira concert experience, as well as explain that inside joke we started our last episode with. We also review our entire weekend and give away a few teasers as to what will be coming up in our 100 Episode Spectacular!


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