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Cala-A-Boca Show

Jul 27, 2019

David Garcia joins us again as we talk about our Portuguese culture. We discuss the state of our culture from bay area to central valley, and what we can do to help maintain it. Very insightful episode.


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Jul 21, 2019

David Silveira Garcia, Fadista extraordinaire, joins the Boca Boys to talk about the current state of Fado in California and the world. He also brings us stories of his experiences, why he got into fado, and why is making a come back.

Some songs by David Silveira Garcia:
Joia Negra Do Mar
Falta Escrever na Lua


Jul 14, 2019

From great chefs, to actors, to porn stars (yes you read that right lol), the Portuguese have made big impacts on American culture. We talk about a bunch of famous Portuguese-American icons and what they had to give to American life.


Any famous Portuguese-Americans that we left out? Let us know on Twitter...

Jul 3, 2019

What if the Boca Boys had a show after Bill Nye the Science Guy? What would it be called? What are our thoughts on Old Town Road? The answers to all these questions AND MUCH MORE on this weeks CAB Gab!


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