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Cala-A-Boca Show

Sep 14, 2020

Remember way back when (Episode 003 to be exact) when Joseph kept repeating the name "Jorge Palma" trying to figure out who he saw in concert that one time? Well, he's become known as the inside joke in quite a few of our episodes; so today, he gets his own episode dedicated to his life! 


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Sep 12, 2020

Which fast food joint is the best? To answer this question we pose a simple challenge: Could you eat at this place for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and not be sick of it? 

Which fast food chain do you think deserves the title? Let us know on Twitter @calaabocashow #CABFFshowdown


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Sep 3, 2020

Everyone has seen those blue tiles on peoples houses. They are one of the most iconic artifacts of Portuguese culture. Something less well known is the story of Cavalum, a firey horse demon in the lava caves of Portugal. You get both today! So much distance learning!


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