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Cala-A-Boca Show

Jun 9, 2018

On this special, bonus episode of Cala A Boca, we break format as Manuel takes us through the day to day TDES festa experience. Listen in to exclusive interviews with the 2018 TDES Festa Board as they talk about the history, and their experience with the festa, live interviews from the dance floor, and an exclusive interview with the members of 562! 


Day 1 (Espera da Coroa) - Mark Nunes: President

  • The importance of the new generation taking over
  • Getting creative
  • All About the Holy Spirit
  • The Future: Getting younger generations involved in leadership roles

Day 2 (Briança) - Matt Lawrence: Vice President (feat. Matthew)

  • Opportunity to express the Catholic faith
  • Taking older traditions and making them relevant today
  • Matthew, 8 years old: favorite thing about festas is hanging out with friends and his dad as well as getting to help out.

Day 3 (Rosquilhas) - Rosemary Caso: Treasurer

  • Daughter's are big and little queen for TDES 2018
  • Pico's Rosquilha tradition
    • Made bread in honor of St. Isabel and passed out to the people.
  • Bringing in the younger generation
  • Keeping the festa alive for her kids/grandkids to experience

Day 4 (Marchas) - Tony Nunes: Secretary

  • Singing the rosary as a kid
  • Huge influx of the youth
  • Making the festa great every night of the week

Day 6 (Bullfights) - No Interview

Day 7 (Festa) - Live on the floor with:

  • Savanna Lourenço - Past Queen
  • Anabela Lourenço - Mother of Past Queen 
  • Kaitlyn Sales - 562 Lead Singer
  • John Martin - 562 Bass
  • David Barcelos - 562 Guitar
  • Sandro Costa - 562 Keys
  • Tony Nunes - TDES Festa Secretary 
  • Gail Nunes - Tony's Wife
  • Georgie Fonseca - TDES Member

Day 8 (Parade/Mass/Sopas/Festa) - Isabella Caso: Big Queen

  • Representing Tulare and the community proudly throughout California

Day 9 (Vacada) - Mark Nunes

  • Recapping the week.
  • Good foundation from past Presidents
  • Pouring out with the Holy Spirit
  • Thanks to the community for all the support


If you would like to see more of this, and more live looks into the Portuguese culture, please let us know!


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